Are you sure you seriously want the cheapest full coverage auto insurance rates? If you answered “Yes” then you must do everything within your reach to find out as many tips as there are for cheaper premiums. I’ve provided enough suggestions to help most people make savings of more than 50% on their policies…

1. An easy way to ensure you pay less is by being careful every time you’re behind wheels. It’s a smart idea to NOT drive at all if you have taken alcohol no matter how little.

Traffic offences that are associated to having more than the allowed level of alcohol in your blood will make you attract unbearable rates. And don’t overlook those speeding tickets because they cost you a lot more than the fine you pay. They eventually increase your rate. Therefore, if it’s breaking traffic laws, avoid it notwithstanding how minor it may seem at the time.

2. You’ll pay less if you car has a higher safety rating. Opt for cars that have features that increase safety. Such features attract a good discount.

3. It’s a smart idea to use the public mass transit whenever you can (Unless where you live has none). This simple action will help you reduce your mileage. If your mileage drops by a good margin, your rate will also drop. Therefore, don’t use your car whenever it makes sense to do so.

4. You’ll attract cheaper rates on full coverage car insurance if you choose to pay your premiums yearly and not monthly. Notwithstanding the fact that this alternative is often less stressful, it costs more for some reasons.

There are transaction charges that are attached to processing a check. For 12 payments (that is, your monthly premiums) you will have a sum of 12 transactions. This means that you will pay transaction fees 12 times.

Besides there are also administrative costs that are incurred due to the monthly payment option. For instance, it costs some money to send payment notices monthly.

These and more are then added to your rate thus making it higher than if you paid annually.

5. Choose a higher deductible amount. This will ensure that your premium is very low. However, be very careful about the amount you pick. Make sure you pick an amount you can provide at short notice.

It is also important that you check your peculiar circumstance to determine if it serves your best interest to pick a high deductible. If you are a very safe driver, it makes sense. However, if you are a serial fender bender, then make it as low as possible.

6. Make sure your credit rating is excellent if you want very low premiums on full coverage auto insurance. Insurers have made NO secret of the fact that they charge people with poor credit a lot higher than their counterparts with excellent rating.

7. Take out some time to visit not less than five insurance quotes sites. This will require not more than 25 minutes.

While you visit each quotes site, make sure you input the same details. Doing otherwise will give you misleading quotes. After you’ve received your quotes, compare them to determine which serves your interest best in price/value. This is how to ensure you get the cheapest auto insurance rate possible while maintaining full coverage.
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