Ninjala Anime -Episode 45-
【Operation Hideout Takeover!】

Burton is working on a certain invention in his hideout. However, right next to him Emma is dancing, and Van and Kappei are competing with each other on skateboards. Burton is in a rush to finish his invention, but having a hard time concentrating when Goro and Gumchi appear, and Berecca calls out his name as well. Finally, when Lucy arrives and breaks the flask he was experimenting on, the liquid explodes, breaking Burton’s patience…

Burton Takahiro Sakurai
Berecca Akari Kito
Ron Hiroki Yasumoto
Jane Junko Minagawa
Van Yumiko Kobayashi
Lucy Aoi Yuki
Kappei Ayumu Murase
Emma Megumi Han
Gumchi Honoka Inoue

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