Foods to try not to eat for dinner (desserts, spicy, fried foods)

Sleep quality problems seem to be becoming more and more common, and what should be one of the best things to do is starting to make some people miserable and fearful. According to clinical nutritionists, one of the causes of sleep disorders is the “inappropriate” foods eaten at dinner. In addition, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver and gallbladder disease and other chronic diseases in the last decade is a high trend, which is also inevitably linked to improper dinner eating. Many families have sumptuous dinner dishes, chicken, duck, fish, meat, eggs all over the table, which are mostly high protein, high fat, high energy food. This dinner to make up for breakfast and Chinese food, one-sided pursuit of the intake of high-fat, high-protein food habits, coupled with a lack of exercise, will inevitably lay a “time bomb” for future health.

Dinner less to eat sleep well, how much to eat according to each person’s physical condition and personal needs, to the extent that they do not feel hungry. Dinner should not eat full, not to mention not too much support. Dinner is best arranged at about 6 p.m., try not to exceed 8 p.m. After 8 p.m. it is best not to eat anything, except for water. And, do not go to bed within four hours after dinner, so that the food eaten at night can be fully digested.

Dinner should be a choice of foods that contain a lot of fiber and carbohydrates. There should be more than two kinds of vegetables at dinner, such as cold spinach, both to increase vitamins and provide fiber. Pasta can be reduced in moderation, and appropriate to eat some coarse grains. You can eat some fish in small amounts.

Try not to eat desserts, spicy food, fried food at night, and try not to drink alcohol. Chili, garlic (garlic food), onions, etc. will cause a burning sensation in the stomach and indigestion, greasy food eaten will increase the workload of the intestines, stomach, liver, gallbladder and pancreas, stimulate the nerve center, so that it has been in a working state, many people have the habit of drinking at dinner, this habit is not conducive to health, too much alcohol at night will hinder metabolism, because of the stimulation of alcohol so that the stomach does not rest, before bed Drinking alcohol was once thought by many to promote sleep, but recent studies have proven that although it can make people fall asleep quickly, but let the sleep condition has been stuck in the light sleep period, it is difficult to enter the deep sleep period. Therefore, people who drink alcohol will still wake up feeling tired even if they sleep for a long time. Special attention needs to be paid to not consume foods with high calcium content for dinner, such as shrimp, small fish with bones, etc. must not be eaten to avoid triggering urethral stones.

Too much brain use dinner should eat well, long-term high-intensity brain people need to supplement acylcholine, enhance memory. Here is a nutritious recipe for dinner recommended for brain workers: 100 grams of steamed carp or vegetarian roasted tofu, 200 grams of cold celery or spinach, a nest of cornmeal, a small bowl of nori soup (do not add shrimp) or a bowl of purple rice porridge.

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