Can not mix and match the food eaten – “toxic recipes”

People are food, in the diet, the most important thing is not to eat to hurt the body, followed by not to destroy the nutrients in the diet. That is to say, you can not mix and match food is to tell you to try to avoid how to make the diet healthy how to avoid food clashes. When there are certain reasons, the mind blog to introduce some can not mix and match food for reference.

The reason is that the oxalic acid in the small onion and spinach is easy to combine with the calcium in the tofu into insoluble calcium oxalate, which affects the body’s absorption of calcium and can easily lead to stones in the long run. tomatoes + cucumber tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, and cucumber in the decomposition of enzymes will destroy vitamin C, if the two eaten together, is not conducive to the absorption of vitamin C. The vitamin C content in spinach is quite high, if eaten with cucumber, it will destroy the body’s absorption of vitamin C. Cucumber + peanut cucumber is a cold food, peanuts contain more oil, cold food and oil interaction, easy to cause diarrhea. Chili + cucumber Chili is rich in vitamin C. Eating with cucumber will affect the absorption of vitamin C in the body. Pumpkin is rich in vitamin C decomposition enzymes, eaten with chili peppers, will also destroy the vitamin in chili peppers. The two are easy to form calcium oxalate precipitates, which is not conducive to the body’s absorption of calcium. Bananas + potatoes Bananas and potatoes eaten together can lead to facial spots. The two of them can be eaten together, which is a good remedy for wind-cold lung disease and heat detoxification. But the two eaten together can cause vomiting and nausea. Soybean milk + egg whites Soybean milk contains casein, which can inhibit the body’s absorption of protein in egg whites. Shrimp + vitamin C = poisoning U.S. researchers at the University of Chicago, through experiments found that shrimp and other soft-shelled foods contain high concentrations of – five potassium arsenic compounds. This substance into the body, itself does not have toxic effects on the body but, after taking “vitamin C”, due to chemical effects, so that the original non-toxic – five potassium arsenic (that is, arsenic anhydride, also known as arsenic pentoxide, the chemical formula for (As05), into a toxic tri-potassium arsenic (that is, arsenious anhydride ), also known as arsenic trioxide, the chemical formula for (As0), which is what we commonly call arsenic! Arsenic has a protoplasmic toxic effect, can paralyze capillaries, inhibit the activity of sulfhydrylmer, and make the liver lipid liver lobule center necrosis, heart, liver, kidney, intestinal congestion, epithelial cell necrosis, capillary dilation. Therefore, the dead are often bleeding from the seven orifices after being poisoned by it. Therefore, for the sake of caution, shrimp should be avoided while taking vitamin C. Cold medicine + cola = poisoning eggs avoid saccharin ┄┄ with food poisoning, death tofu avoid honey ┄ with food deafness kelp avoid pig blood ┄ with food constipation potatoes avoid bananas ┄ with food freckles beef avoid brown sugar ┄ with food bloating death dog avoid eels ┄ with food lamb avoid snails ┄ with food bloating celery avoid rabbit ┄ with food hair loss tomatoes avoid mung beans ┄ with food injury crab avoid persimmon ┄ with food diarrhea goose meat Avoid pear and kidney onion and honey and eye injury black fish and eggplant and stomach pain snapper and amaranth and poisoning eggs and brown sugar and vomiting ginseng and radish and stagnation white wine and persimmon and heartburn sweet potato and fungus –inflammation of the skin taro and bananas – bloating peanuts and cucumbers – harm the kidneys beef and chestnuts – cause vomiting carp and licorice – can be poisoned the following foods must not be eaten together within two hours: lamb avoid watermelon – eaten together hurt the vital energy goose avoid eggs – — the same food hurt vital energy onion avoid honey — the same food hurt eyes cucumber avoid peanuts — the same food hurt body banana — deafness with food radish avoid fungus — dermatitis with food dog avoid mung beans — easy to poison with food horse meat avoid fungus with food — eat the same to get cholera beef avoid hair ginger — eat the same to die of poisoning lamb avoid dried plums — eat the same to give birth to heart Chicken avoid mustard — eat the same to hurt the vital energy Donkey avoid yellow flowers — eat the same heartache fatal Rabbit avoid cabbage — eat the same easy to vomit Goose avoid the same to vomit -Eat the same easy to vomit goose avoid duck pear — eat the same good fever black fish avoid eggplant — eat the same easy to get cholera sea crab avoid dates — Eat the same food to get malaria mustard avoid duck pear — Eat the same food to vomit potatoes avoid bananas — Some vegetables can not be eaten together with the same food: pork and rhizome together will be liver pain, lamb and watermelon will be invaded each other; dog meat such as met mung beans will hurt, radish fruit is not conducive to thyroid; carp licorice plus will be harmful, crab and persimmon companion will be poisoned; snapper eel and crab pregnant women avoid, eggs and then eat anti-inflammatory tablets collide; persimmon sweet potatoes with stone birth, soy milk nutrition should not rush eggs. Onion honey meet hurt eyes, radish fungus into a pair of dermatitis; tofu honey mix ear deafness, spinach tofu color beautiful really should not; carrot white radish wash each other, tomato cucumber can not eat together; banana taro into the stomach acid bloating pain, potato banana facial spots. Food that should not be eaten: sprouted, green potatoes are toxic and should not be eaten. Fresh cauliflower (golden needles) is toxic and can not be eaten. Not fried through the seasonal beans, lentils toxic, can not eat. Old chicken head (more than 5 years old chicken head) is very poisonous and should not be eaten. Tender fried pork liver, containing toxins, should not eat. Eggs, popcorn contains particularly high levels of lead, children should not eat. Baked food can not be eaten, eat prone to cancer. Rotten ginger is extremely toxic, can necrotic liver cells, must not eat. Raw soybean oil contains benzene, will destroy the hematopoietic system, do not eat. Long-boiled water contains sub-X salt, easy to eat cancer. Too hot food can not eat, easy to scald the digestive tract caused by cancer. Uncooked soy milk cannot be eaten, it is easy to eat poison. Pickled food contains carcinogenic substances and should not be eaten. Baked meat skewers and fish fillets contain carcinogens and should not be eaten. Persimmon empty serving prone to persimmon stones in the stomach, do not eat. Food additives, artificial food elements, spices, flavors, eggs, instant noodles, lunch meat, fried food should not be eaten. Food therapy song: salt and vinegar anti-toxic anti-inflammatory good, leek kidney warm knee waist. Turnip to resolve phlegm and eliminate flatulence, celery can lower high blood pressure. Pepper to remove cold and dehumidification, onion spicy ginger soup to cure colds. Garlic inhibits gastroenteritis, green beans are the most wonderful to relieve summer heat. Pears moisten the lungs and resolve phlegm, stomach and kidneys eat red dates. Tomatoes are good for blood and beauty, eggs are good for education and nutrition. Peanuts can lower cholesterol, melon beans to reduce swelling and diuretic. Fish and shrimp can make up for breast milk, animal liver is good for eyesight. The number of plums is good for the soul, and walnuts are good for the lungs and hair. Honey moistens the lungs and dissolves phlegm, and grapes make people look young. Bananas are good for the stomach, apples are good for diarrhea and nutrition. The seaweed contains calcium and sulfur, mushrooms inhibit cancer cells. Cabbage diuretic detoxification, cauliflower often eat less cancer . After knowing some of the more common foods that can’t be mixed, you should also have a good understanding of the nutritional and health aspects. The health of the diet should pay attention to them, to avoid not mix and match food together, otherwise eaten is to be a big problem.

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