Eat these foods before drinking so that you can multiply the amount of alcohol

  Many friends because of business reasons, often have to drink, someone five or two alcohol, often drunk, Neptune Gold also used, useless. Last month, because of stomach discomfort, to see a Chinese doctor, chatting in the old Chinese doctor told me, this drinking trick, this month I tried ten times, each time I was in the eight to a pound or so, the friends some down seven times, happy to die, I did not have a thing. Now tell everyone to share together, before each drink, drink a can of milk, or sour milk, is the kind of 25 yuan a can on the market, drink a micro-full feeling, and then open the drink, that is really invincible. In fact, the reason is very simple, you first drink the milk to protect the stomach, and milk and wine neutralization, into a lactic acid fat inhibition, the stomach better digestion, reducing the concentration into the blood such as. This belongs to the prior approach: the best way to solve alcohol is to take precautions beforehand, the first specific methods are provided below: A, vitamin C, B sufficient amount to be taken within half an hour before drinking, VB, VC has the role of digestion and decomposition of alcohol, you can do an experiment yourself, adding the right amount of VC or VB in a glass of beer, compared with the beer without VC, VB, you can find a significant drop in alcohol concentration. (Take 6-10 vc tablets orally at one time before drinking alcohol to prevent alcohol poisoning. Vitamin B complex is also more effective, take 10 tablets beforehand.)   B. Milk or yogurt (high quality protein fen can also be taken) in the right amount, half an hour before drinking, milk or yogurt forms a protective film on the stomach wall, reducing alcohol to enter the blood and reach the liver.   C, high concentration of dietary fiber tablets, half an hour before drinking (after taking it, you need to drink a sufficient amount of plain water), the role of cellulose swells rapidly when it meets water, releasing a large number of cations can wrap up the alcohol does not enter the digestive cycle directly out of the body, reducing the damage of alcohol to the liver and body.   D. Eat a few oranges.   If not prepared in advance, is drinking when the approach: 1, appropriate to eat meat and fats, can help adjust the body’s part of the function, so that the stomach may suffer a great deal because of the grease and a thin layer of protective film to prevent alcohol penetration of the stomach wall.   2, see eggs, eggs and other dishes served up, hurry to eat.   3, but also more appropriate tofu dishes for the next drink. Because the cysteine in tofu is a major amino acid, it can detoxify acetaldehyde, which can be quickly discharged after eating. Or, to have a cup of soy milk cushion belly or.   4, if the fruit on the table, the great pleasure, just eat regardless of the elegant phase or not.   5, drink more than the better way is to go midway to buckle throat, secretly go to the bathroom vomit. Spit out, reach down the throat with your hand to pick, dead pick also to spit oh. Spit up after washing a face with cold water is good. Each time this can almost imperial enemy outside the country, and then start fighting wine again.   6, onion, and pouring sour milk and sour cream vinegar fish as the next drink, more is better ah.   7. Serve citrus and its juice as a sobering medicine.   After drunkenness, how to relieve the headache, dizziness, regurgitation, fever and other unpleasant symptoms? The following methods may have good effects.   Honey water –> post-drinking headache Drinking some honey water can effectively reduce the symptoms of post-drinking headache. Researchers at the National Headache Research Foundation point out that this is because honey contains a special fructose that promotes the breakdown and absorption of alcohol and reduces headache symptoms, especially those caused by red wine. In addition honey has a hypnotic effect, allowing people to fall asleep quickly and wake up the next day without a headache.   Tomato juice –> dizziness after drinking Tomato juice is also an effective drink rich in special fructose that can help promote the decomposition and absorption of alcohol, and drinking 300ml or more at a time can make the dizziness after drinking gradually disappear. Experiments have confirmed that drinking tomato juice has a better effect on alcohol than eating raw tomatoes. If a small amount of salt is added before drinking, it also helps to stabilize the mood.   Fresh grapes –> regurgitation and nausea after drinking Fresh grapes are rich in tartaric acid, which can interact with the ethanol in wine to form esters and reduce the concentration of ethanol in the body for the purpose of relieving alcohol. At the same time, their sour taste can effectively relieve the symptoms of regurgitation and nausea after drinking. If you eat grapes before drinking alcohol, it can also effectively prevent drunkenness.   Watermelon juice –> whole body fever after drinking Watermelon juice is a natural white tiger soup (a classic Chinese medicine recipe), on the one hand, it can accelerate the discharge of alcohol from urine to avoid its absorption by the body and cause whole body fever; on the other hand, watermelon juice itself also has the effect of clearing heat and removing fire, which can help cool down the whole body. Adding a small amount of salt when drinking it also helps stabilize the mood.   Grapefruit –> alcoholic breath Li Shizhen in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” has long recorded that grapefruit can relieve alcohol. Experiments have found that dicing grapefruit flesh and dipping it in sugar is even more effective in eliminating alcohol and bad breath in the mouth after drinking. Celery juice –> gastrointestinal discomfort after drinking, red face After drinking gastrointestinal discomfort, drink some celery juice can significantly ease, because celery is rich in the decomposition of alcohol required B vitamins. If the gastrointestinal function is weak, it is best to drink celery juice before drinking alcohol as a precaution. In addition, drinking celery juice can also effectively eliminate the symptoms of redness of the face after drinking.   Yogurt —> irritability after drinking Mongolian people drink a lot, yogurt is their secret recipe for alcohol, once they drink too much wine, they drink yogurt, yogurt can protect the gastric mucosa, delaying the absorption of alcohol. Yogurt is especially effective in relieving post-drinking irritability due to its rich calcium content. Banana–>Palpitations and chest congestion after drinking When you feel palpitations and chest congestion after drinking, eat 1 to 3 bananas immediately, which can increase the blood sugar concentration and reduce the concentration of alcohol in the blood, so as to achieve the purpose of relieving alcohol, and at the same time reduce the symptoms of palpitations and eliminate the depression in the chest.   Olives–>Anorexia after drinking Olives have been the “good medicine” to wake up, clear stomach heat and promote appetite since ancient times, and can effectively improve the symptoms of anorexia after drinking. It can be eaten directly or stewed with rock sugar.   Other methods: 1. 50 grams of vinegar, 25 grams of brown sugar and 3 slices of ginger are decocted in water and then taken.   2, fresh orange to relieve alcohol. Take 3-5 fresh oranges or fresh orange peeled and eaten directly, or squeezed juice to take. If the fresh orange is not, tomato juice is also OK.   3, snow pear alcohol, take 2 to 3 snow pear washed and sliced and mashed into a puree, wrapped in gauze and squeezed out of the juice to drink.   4, rice soup sobriety method: drunk people can take thick rice soup to drink, rice soup contains polysaccharides and B vitamins, detoxification and sobriety effect, add sugar to drink, the effect is better.   5, salt solution: drinking too much alcohol, chest and abdomen uncomfortable, can add a little salt in plain water to drink.   6, sugar sober method: take the right amount of sugar with boiling water, there is a solution to alcohol, wake up the role of the brain.   7, mung bean sobering method: take 50 grams of mung beans, 10 grams of licorice, plus an appropriate amount of brown sugar decoction, can wake up, such as mung bean decoction alone, also has a certain effect.   Avoid drinking tea after drinking: Li Shizhen in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” recorded: drinking tea after drinking hurt the kidneys, waist and legs fall heavy, cold pain in the bladder, and suffer from phlegm drink edema. Modern medical research also points out that tea will stimulate gastric acid secretion, so that alcohol is more likely to damage the gastric mucosa; at the same time, theophylline in tea and alcohol will lead to an accelerated heartbeat, more heavily burdened by the heart.

   Medically, drunkenness is known as alcoholism. When you get drunk, many people will tell you the best ways to get rid of it: drink strong tea, take liver pills, eat bananas and drink more water.   Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that these methods work, and some are even detrimental to health. That’s what Rachel Freeman of Indiana University School of Medicine and others told people in the British Medical Journal earlier this year. As early as 2005, the UK and the Netherlands have verified common methods of relieving alcohol through trials. These methods contained three drugs, four dietary treatments, and fructose antidotes. The results showed that these methods have some effect on relieving certain symptoms (such as nausea and headache) after drunkenness, but cannot lift the drunken condition. In other words, there is no good way for drunkenness, and finding an effective antidote that suits you is almost impossible.   Currently, there are many drugs that bear the name of an antidote to alcohol. The groom at the wedding reception and the regulars at the nightclub CLUB may have applied them. The annoying thing is that there is no real medical antidote to alcohol. In other words, the efficacy of the alcoholic beverages is mostly a placebo effect.

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