Friday Migrate server Move website

Today, in addition to work is to help Mr. Li move the station.

He said that now the filing policy has changed, ready to re-optimize all the filing here in his, our 3 good friends as well as his own related station are re-prepared a little, put into his sister’s name.




Because of the re-filing, the domestic host is certainly not accessible, it has to be moved to a foreign server, his side is too busy, so I asked him to divide part of the relocation to me, according to today’s speed, plus tomorrow and the weekend, I estimate that it will take until the day after tomorrow or next Monday to finish moving. Although this is also considered technical work, but for me, it is more physical work, repetitive labor, test of care and patience.

After each move a website to verify the integrity of the file, whether the database is up to date, whether the script path has changed, whether the permissions are correct, domain name resolution to be modified one by one to check (but this belongs to his category), and then also to verify whether the domain name is in effect, access to the page is normal, but also re-optimize the overall directory structure of the server (so that the future synchronization and backup of what will be much simpler), and so on things I am very impatient to do this, but the friendship with Mr. Li here, domain name, website, filing has been here, called my own filing I can not be prepared, really annoyed with these things, a lot of convenience, so I am obliged to do these, only patient patience and patience.

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