Tuesday Tossing sitemap

I just wrote the article because the root directory of the generated sitemap did not have write permission, so the submission failed and returned with nothing, so I had to rewrite it again.

I thought of adding a sitemap feature to the blog in the morning and took the time to do it, starting without a little knowledge of the system.

I am a beginner in this program through a number of Google, patchwork surprisingly also wrote a sitemap, but is a dynamic call, each visit is dynamically obtained by php, and then I will use the script automatically save a static file for access, it also looks good.

At lunchtime, I searched on my phone again and saw a tutorial for making sitemap for this system, and also provided the code.

I got the code down and surprisingly it worked, just a little bug, I fixed it manually and it was still perfect.

Tossed so much time or delete the code they wrote, others professional programmers write something really good and fragrant.

Generated site map URL: http://blog.dngz.net/sitemap.xml

The tossing and turning of OCD patients is the repetition

17:29:59 Update: Everything is done properly, satisfied, after a while, suddenly found: the generated sitemap.xml inside, surprisingly no information about the latest release of this log. How can I stand this?

Looked at the code, because it is submitted to the article before the step to do sitemap generation, so it certainly does not contain the latest log URL, however, I do not know what the hook is after the release of the article, but really have little patience, decided not to use it, or use back to my dynamic version of it!

Go ahead and get the files back, add the script, and that’s it, it’s fine.

Just received a gigabit optical cat, the evening toss gigabit optical cat bridge, try multi-dial, and then toss the NAS automatic download, remote download.

23:29 at night with a laptop in bed for a long time to study the nginx dynamic page cache cleanup problem, and find the code on the Internet, they put together a php cache cleanup applet, and surprisingly successful, and much better than the nginx Purge module, I do not know what the reason, I use the Purge module always often 404, so give up.

NAS on the remote download thing and little motivation to toss, it seems I have no need for this, forget it for now.

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