Toss RSS service

22:31:30 Today is again extremely patient patience panting and panting to move the station ……

Also perfected that night did not finish the nginx cache cleanup thing, using the code of php, because the Purge module is not good, that night just to get out of the test code successfully, today completed a little, count a finished product, sloppy can be used.

In the evening after dinner began to study the build RSS server, basic now on the market mainstream or not mainstream, such as tiny tiny Rss, selfoss, FreshRSS, miniflux are installed and tried again, not a satisfactory, probably because my needs are more specific, do not want to php, mysql version of these too high.

FreshRSS is more in line with my needs, the installation is quite simple, but I do not know why, tested two subscriptions, subscribe to my blog only a few days ago, the last few days of the logs are not, the other is https subscription directly reported an error, I added the cacert.pem, also changed the php.ini but still reported an error.

It’s hard to find a satisfactory RSS server code.

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