Tencent cloud new and old users vps/domain renewal super cheap get on board!

October 15, 2020 began Tencent Cloud began a double 11 early purchase discount activities, to last year’s experience, it can be expected that the official activities of the double 11 strength is likely to be less than the current early purchase discount, last year also let some friends to catch up.

The Tencent Cloud Buy in Advance event includes a spike in bursts of activity for both new and existing users, with an exclusive lower discount for enterprise users. The renewal discount for new and existing users is a minimum of 2.5% off, including a 3,500 RMB voucher.

Click on the link to participate in the 2020 Tencent Cloud Double 11 Advance Purchase Event

Early purchase activities until the end of October, November began to be the official activities. Given the previous experience, if there is a suitable activity for you, do not wait for the official activity, immediately start, because the official activity is not necessarily lower than the current early purchase price! I decisively renewed 10 domains, each for a different number of years, a total of more than 20 years, spending a thousand out of the first, it was worth it. I would like to renew, but there is a limit of ten for one account.

2.5% off cloud servers 60% off domain name renewal method

Click on this link to the 2020 Tencent Cloud Double 11 early purchase page, and click in as shown by the arrow in the picture below. This time the renewal discount toss is actually bigger than ever! To often put together coupons plus discounts together can not be compared with this time.

New and existing user pop-ups

This year, Tencent cloud double 11 activities or very conscientious, a variety of cloud services are large renewal discount. Seconds of goods include: cloud servers, SMS packages, CDN traffic packages, etc.; only one second of each commodity can be killed in each session, and products with a limit greater than 1 can be killed in multiple seconds. And whether new users or old users can buy.

Full discount offer 100RMB back for 1000RMB

This year also increased full discount offer, over 1000 yuan back to 100 yuan no threshold voucher. The maximum return can be 5000 yuan. (I renewed the domain name more than 1000 yuan, exactly 100 yuan back, equivalent to 60% discount on top of the 10% discount)

3500 yuan voucher one click to get the way

Click this link to the 2020 Tencent Cloud Double 11 Advance Purchase page, pull it to the bottom of the page (as shown by the arrow above) and click on it to receive it. You can receive personal and enterprise vouchers for renewal, upgrade, and new purchase, and individuals can receive a 3,500 yuan coupon, so you can take a look.

This time, Tencent Cloud’s double 11 early preview activities for new purchases and renewals are still quite strong, and I feel it is worth it.

Sneak to tell you, I opened two more Tencent cloud trumpet, you know …

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