Reasons for anxiety in upwardly mobile people and coping with it [Reprint].

First of all, it is important to clarify the fact that the Internet era is now an era of information overload.

You can’t know everything, understand everything, comprehend everything, you can’t do it, I can’t do it, no one can do it.

In this case then, there is a choice to learn, a choice to refine, and a choice to practice, and you have to make effective decisions that depend on the following points.

Build basic logic and cognitive skills

Understand game theory. Understand the foundations of logic, the foundations of economics. Understand human nature. Understand common sense science.

The purpose of understanding these is to create effective information filtering and sifting mechanisms.

How do you filter information, filter information, you have to have their own set of logic, why some people are cheated by scammers of all kinds, well-meaning people can not persuade back, the lack of underlying logic, the lack of logic to filter information, only by emotion and intuition screening, then the scammer’s words, is aimed at this kind of people.

Perception and orientation of self

First figure out their own strengths, abilities, interests, advantages. What suits you is the best, and not all wind gusts are suitable for you.

Effective filtering and screening of information

Firstly, based on your own self-awareness and orientation, and secondly, based on your basic logic and cognitive ability to filter and filter valuable information.

Don’t be greedy for more and more valuable information that doesn’t suit you, there’s no need to touch it. There are thousands of ways to get rich, you really only need to grab one is enough.

To be able to distinguish between truth and falsity, basic logic, basic scientific common sense

No pie in the sky, no one will do a deal that loses money! The law of conservation of energy can not be subverted at the current level of human technology You are not a child of destiny!

This concept above to have, you will be able to step in many less pits, less cheated by many people.

In addition, the initial screening as low cost as possible, easy to achieve the program, do not come up to pursue too high goals, to have fast access to positive incentives, positive feedback program, in practice to continue to grow.

Ability for rapid trial-and-error verification

Even with filtering means such as the above, it still doesn’t mean you can get valuable information well and practice it, and have the ability to quickly trial and error, quickly verify, and quickly iterate.

Don’t try to be perfect, practice as quickly as possible. Don’t try to get it right in one step, iterate quickly.

Have the determination and courage to stop loss

If the program proves to be wrong, or fails to adapt to market changes, stop quickly and do not make the same mistake over and over again, or fall deeper into the mud pit.

Many times, making a mistake is not a big deal, but not being able to stop loss is very damaging. And obviously it’s only a relatively manageable loss, because of loss aversion, more input to try to turn over the capital, and you end up deep in the mud.

I have seen many young people in the community to confide in a similar mentality, being socially beaten, lost some time and money, very indignant, must want to recover, in fact, this mentality is really bad, the result is often more losses.

To have the ability to constantly review and grow

The information you see outside is valuable, but at most it is just a guide to the road. In your own growth, you have to constantly review, constantly reflect and constantly summarize in order to go further. At the end of the day, when you really achieve success, more than 90% of the valuable knowledge is summarized in practice, and others tell you, at most not more than 10%.

Be able to cope with change

Information is time-sensitive, theoretical information is relatively long, but the more practical information, the shorter the statute of limitations, to recognize the changes in the times, recognize the changes in the industry landscape, recognize the changes in industrial policy, a moment of success, but also to be prepared for danger, do not blindly optimistic that you can replicate their own successful thinking in the long term.

Many momentarily successful people, in front of the changing market landscape, lose themselves and fall from the top, the Internet over the years, there are countless such cases.

Many young people are very motivated, very studious, study hard and try to move forward, but at many critical points, how to establish the right decision.

Facing information overload, how to free yourself from anxiety and find the right direction actually requires serious thinking.

Frankly speaking, many young people, in the face of life’s major choices, emotional domination of rational, or very blind, or just for a little bit of immediate benefit, too much, I am no exception.

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