The seven bad habits that shorten the life of men

   It is generally said that women are fragile, need to pay attention to health care, we will ignore men, in fact, men’s bodies are also fragile, the same need to do a good job of health care. In daily life, there are many male friends have some bad habits, these are the important factors that lead to the shortening of life expectancy of some men, need to cause men’s high alert. Due to gender, so that men are more willing to emerge in society and work, but they have achieved career success at the same time, due to poor health awareness, coupled with poor lifestyle, such as smoking, alcohol, irregular life, often stay up late, sedentary, etc., so that some people’s physical quality also gradually decline. He proposed that the five bad habits that will quietly take away the health of men.   First, the lack of exercise experts on more than nine hundred men’s health survey, found that only 96 people participate in a fixed time every week to exercise, nearly 68% of people choose to “do not exercise”. This makes it easy for men to feel fatigue, the brain is slow, mental stress increases, people become distracted, prone to illness.   Suggestions: walking is the best exercise for men, should be in the outdoors every day to adhere to a brisk half-hour walk. You can also do some mat exercises at home, such as push-ups, walking in place, the purpose is to exercise your pectoral and abdominal muscles. Of course, exercise should also vary from person to person, children can run more outdoors, while older people should pay attention to avoid bad weather, crowded, avoid over-excitement. People have long said that 100 steps after meals, live to ninety-nine, often to parks, suburbs and other places with a better green environment to walk around, can break down blood sugar, and calming sympathetic nerves.   Second, do not seek medical men generally have their own bitter swallow, the survey found that nearly half of the men have a disease when they buy drugs indiscriminately to solve, 1/3 of the men simply ignore these “minor problems”. 80% of seriously ill male patients admitted that because of long-term non-medical, resulting in minor diseases into a major disease, so that the best early treatment period is missed. Many units require employees to go to physical examination, but men to time constraints and often do not go, or even hire someone to replace the physical examination. From the hospital clinical data: the frequency of men to see the doctor is 30% lower than that of women.   Third, do not eat breakfast surveyed, only 219 people are regular, in accordance with the nutritional requirements of breakfast. Do not eat breakfast or haphazardly stuffed with a few bites become a common phenomenon.   Suggestions: honey, garlic, dates, ginger, peanuts is a good thing for women to maintain health, but also for men is very beneficial. Men eat a spoonful of honey every morning on an empty stomach, morning ginger and evening garlic, three dates, long-term persistence, very good for health. In addition, the diet is not too casual, eat more tomatoes, seafood, leeks, bananas, etc., are beneficial to men’s health food.   Fourth, the lack of less communication The survey shows that more than 41% of the office population rarely communicate with their families, even if their families take the initiative to care, 32% of them often hold a coping attitude. In the absence of communication, guidance and catharsis, the office population’s mental stress is increasing.   Suggestion: learn to relax and smile naturally. On many occasions, smiling becomes an important tool for social success. The prerequisite for making a smile look good is to have healthy teeth, fresh breath and a relaxed expression. The state of mind determines the action. Therefore, being a man must learn to relax. When the psychological pressure, as a man to be open-minded, do not be calculating for trivial things, may learn to Q self-deprecation. Do not let “you are a man, you should stick with it!” This phrase affects the mental health of men.   The company’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public.   Suggestions: drinking to be healthy. The saying goes, “Early drinking hurts the stomach, and overnight drinking hurts the spleen.” Avoid drinking before getting up and going to bed, beer and red wine are more nutritious, and ethanol concentration in general, there are different degrees of diuretic effect, you can drink a small amount, as much as 65 kg of people who drink 65 degrees of white wine, drink 1.5 to 2 taels a day is a safe range. In addition, if you can drink with milk or sweet drinks, the absorption rate of alcohol can be significantly reduced. Carbonated beverages will accelerate the absorption of alcohol, therefore, never use carbonated drinks to mix all kinds of alcohol.   Six, premature, excessive sexual behavior Experts point out that premature, excessive or unclean intimacy may have a great impact on the male reproductive system. Safe intimacy, taking into account factors such as physique as well as age. For example, young people, it is appropriate to maintain 3 to 4 times a week. Middle-aged people 1 to 2 times a week. However, individuals have to make adjustments based on how they feel the next day, and their own feelings are the most correct measure. Be hygienic and reduce diseases. Care for reproductive organ hygiene is not just for women, men should also pay equal attention. Moderate cleanliness is an effective means of safeguarding the health of the male reproductive system. To change underwear every day, especially during the developmental period of boys, to correctly treat masturbation, seminal emission and other such originally normal physiological phenomena, once it happens, to promptly replace the dry and clean underwear, otherwise it is easy to foreskinitis, glansitis, prostatitis, vesiculitis, epididymitis, urethritis, etc..   The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. Relative privacy space, to avoid embarrassment brought about by the psychological upset.

  I accounted for five of these seven items, must be properly corrected.

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