About the Cup

And you said you couldn’t write, so great!

Perfect with no more details.

Can I see it when it’s finished?

Chen Fengyun has asked me for a manuscript, so you can write it for me.

It won’t. I don’t think so.

I have given her the article and I think it should be okay.

Without you, without your affirmation and encouragement to me, I would never have gotten into Three Gorges Youth, nor would I have kept going and come this far. Thank you!

The more I stay in the editorial office, the more I get to know and understand the cup. I saw Isaac’s “Zhang Xiaoxia and I” in which “I recommend someone to you. “I was the only one who read Li’s article. He didn’t take the written exam, but he can do the newspaper. I can sponsor him with my head.” At the beginning, Cup asked me if I wanted to be in “Three Gorges Youth” and if I did, he could sponsor me. Only now did I understand the weight of the word “sponsor” he said at the beginning, which was a recommendation and a guarantee. Not everyone could get his sponsorship. At that time, I was too unconfident and could not understand his trust and encouragement, thinking it was just a polite word.

It’s not that I regret not agreeing to his sponsorship at that time. I just felt his good intentions, his sincere friendship. And I didn’t understand any of that at the time. The cup may have always been important to me.

At the same time, there is also some regret. I regret that I lost the opportunity to be with him because of my foresight at the beginning. At that time, I didn’t even think that one day I would enter The Three Gorges Youth again. And now, I can only capture bits and pieces of what he used to be from some old editorial conversations, recalling his nuances in every place he ever stopped.

Or perhaps, this is another form of perfection. Now, a reincarnation and regeneration.

It seemed as if I hadn’t seen the cup since ten-one came. How long has it been since I’ve seen him and talked to him?

He originally said he didn’t want to think about The Three Gorges Youth anymore. There was some disappointment and slight sadness, but I didn’t want to force him. I didn’t say anything more. He is not Zhao Kai, not Isaac. He would have been as free and easy as Zhuangzi. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The company is still tired. I don’t want the cups I admire and love to be in this condition either. Perhaps after I left, than they are still determined.

But everyone who has spent time in “Three Gorges Youth” is hard to let go of it. Even if they leave, they still care about it in the end. Cup is no exception. So, he finally went. And also over and over again asked the girl to go or not.

It’s just a shame that I didn’t see him that day. Probably he did not sit with many old editors. It’s not easy to see him once.

However, I met Chen Shuang. Small size, nice voice, very cute little girl, make people like it. As she walked away, she looked at me and winked and smiled. I don’t know if she knew me or if it was because I poured her tea. It doesn’t matter. What I do know is that her smile was so warm. If I was just a normal person to her, then she was friendly. If she knows me, then she really cares about the cup and is forgiving. Anyway, it was nice and reassuring that I didn’t interfere with the two of them and that we had a nice meeting.

The smart gangster brother that big mouth will not be talking much, right, huh? I think he is now busy looking for work, and will not have the leisure to care about these gossip again.

None of that means anything to me anymore. It’s just the name is still the same.

I’m just saying what I have to say.

A very real thought. You wouldn’t understand my desperation.

You’ve never been so determined.

I know your disappointment, but I don’t know that you are desperate. This look, I’m sad.

I’m sad that you feel this sad. I am sad that you are sad because of the Three Gorges Youth. I am sad that I am being a triple gorge youth who makes you sad. I’m sad that I can’t do anything about your sadness.

That day, that’s all I could say. I’m so sad ……

Later, I never said that I was sad, even in the unpleasant retrospect of having been like that I did not think I was sad I had to admit: I – hurt. Heart.

The happiness that has been held on to, so fragile. Because of one person, one word.

A tear rolled down my face. A child is lost ……

You told me that you don’t want to think about the Three Gorges youth anymore. I always thought that it was because you were a Zhuangzi-like character, tantalizing and tranquil, and should not have come under the burden of this complicated business. It’s just that you’re not like Gao Xiang who happens to be at the top of his glory, so you don’t have the same fondness for this newspaper as they do.
Now I know that it’s more than that, it’s not. It is true that you should not come to be burdened by these affairs. But your determination is not because your emotions are not as heavy as theirs, your love is not as deep as theirs. You have seen hardships, you have passed through unparalleled splendor, you have gone to the top. It would have been possible to retreat with them, but you have gone further than they have. Nostalgia for past glories, while the newspaper is deteriorating every day, gradually mountainous. You also told me that when you first entered your sophomore year you wanted to quit, and you kept going, just because you were gone, the subs really couldn’t be helped. You watched and deplored. You did your best to save it, but you never saw hope, only endless despair. Looking at the newspaper that you once loved so much became unrecognizable to you, the tears in your heart, nowhere to collect. Finally, you had to choose to leave, no longer think.

Plankton brother said, sophomore and junior madness pounded words and broke hearts. I understand now. Because I also, sad.

Never again mention a word of the Three Gorges Youth in front of you until you can be comforted.

Leaving on the most dormant days, embarrassed on the most prosperous days. And now I have decided to go, even if it does not redeem and comfort much of your despair. I don’t know if it’s the same deep, bottomless despair when I finally go. It’s just that I’m not willing to go like this. And maybe at that time, I can be closer to you.

I’ll stay. Stay and see if it’s warm or hard. Walk the path you once walked, picking up along the way to make you hopeless that should not belong to your back.


I wanted to remember this day, but I didn’t know how to remember it. The only thing I could do was to stay at school all day and not go anywhere. That way maybe I could still have some trace of you. I don’t know if there’s any real meaning to my empty approach. A human memorial. What else could I do.

I didn’t think I’d ever meet you again. I was ready for the day to just go by. My memento of a person.

And you, you actually showed up. Is this our tacit agreement? I’m sorry to have bothered you to wait for me for so long. Although it did not say anything, but can meet, can be so usual to say the optional words, I have been very content, very happy. The day’s endless wait was always worth it. And we, in the end, can still go on like this, can’t we?

111, is also a bachelor’s day. So that’s it.

One of the most influential people in the Three Gorges Youth is the cup. In fact, more than work, you will be a vital person to me in my college life and even for a long, long time.

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