The legendary Isaac

That’s a legend.

And I was fortunate enough to still have several encounters with this one legend. I didn’t dare to expect to see Isaac again in the school somewhere, to see him, to see his words about him. But today, I actually saw a missing item notice “looking for boyfriend” on the posting board under our building. I never knew that a search notice could be so gorgeous and subtle, so poetically beautiful and heartfelt. I was marveling at the author’s whimsy and dexterity, but then I saw the following two words that made me scream in amazement, “Write, Isaac. Isaac, Isaac. This was the legendary Isaac, and I was looking at Isaac’s newly written words, which I can still see now. I always thought that I would never see it again.

Isaac said it was enough to look at her from afar, to read her, to know that she was happy and joyful.

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