The Journey of Life

I’ve been thinking about life, about emotions, about love, but I can’t figure out why people are so fragile and yet so strong, sometimes as fragile as a grass, and sometimes as strong as a tree.

Nothing can stand in the way of life, and no one will give up life easily. Coming to this world, you have got a lot, no matter what position you are in now, what kind of living conditions you have, no matter how much you are worth, you can’t value life too low.

Once again, I was sick, a bit abnormally sick, as if I was the most fragile, weakest and most sympathetic person in the world. When I was lying in bed, I really thought a lot about my distant relatives, about my loneliness, and about the meaning of life. Love can make us become another person, but at this moment, I am worthy of anyone’s compassion, I am worthy of anyone’s care, I am sick, but I do not want the people who love me to know, because I do not want them to worry.

In fact, there are many good friends who love me, they feel that the burden of life makes me too depressed, so they love my strength, my toughness, my commitment. And my husband who is obedient to me, he and I go through the storm together, along the way we support each other, comfort each other, love each other, these are fate, but also luck. There are so many people who care about me, I shouldn’t be feeling sorry for myself, but I still can’t hold back my sadness. When people are sick, their feelings can become confused, what are we waiting for and what are we pursuing? Friendship allows our hearts to find a temporary home, or so that when you are in trouble, the person who reaches out is your true friend.

Existing in the heart of the many, in fact, we have not wanted to show, the heart of those, only silently hidden in the heart. Life is a stage, but can not be infinitely enlarged, after all, each of our dreams, are still subject to some kind of constraints of this world.

Perhaps this is just a small episode of life, perhaps this is a period of time we must experience, life, there will always be a low point, there is a high point, there will always be good and bad, when the good do not drift, when the adversity should also be courageous. I feel that life is really a battle, you need to devote yourself to, even if the whole body and soul, but not necessarily to get what you want, because many external factors, and not our own control, such as the virus that caused the injury, such as the war between ethnic groups.

Life is a journey, where the end, we do not know, we can only go forward with fear and trembling, as if in the boundless water, built a pontoon bridge. Everyone walking on it, there will be a sense of trepidation, even so, you can only go forward, can not go back. Both sides of the bridge, no guardrails, everything depends on yourself to master, master the speed of forward, master the frequency of your walk, there are ditches, there are also flat, this way, I’m not even too much mood to see the scenery in the distance or around, because, always nervous emotions, there has long been no leisure to see the scenery.

[Author: Xiaoyu Xiang

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