Stay at this moment

Go to a place where you have no friends.

The tear-like clear lake reflects the face of who I dreamed of. The figure is a pale transparent color, permeated by a great cool.

The grass and trees are silent. The birds and insects are asleep. The sun is soft and not warm, the wind gently brushes away your illusory smile in front of me.

I want to forget, all of it. Not a trace of it left.

I was lost in my dreams. It was a fairy-like sanctuary, so it was nowhere to be seen.

This game is like a trip, stopping and going with each other. So much indecision, so much wind and grass. The scenery of the extended way is still, the sky is blue. Just find the wrong person to appreciate the company.

I walk, quietly. As if I am getting farther and farther away from it. Not looking back. Silent, watching the fire from across the river.

The road to the far side is so long and remote. I pray that I will never lose my way again.

September has not yet arrived, August is not yet central. Memories are like broken glazed tiles, broken bright blue light of sorrow. I look up at the sky, the clouds follow me. The blue sky is vast, embracing all the hidden tears. The heart is still soft and painful, feeling slightly broken, inaudible sound. Goodbye goodbye, never again.

Say goodbye all the way and start running. Passing by the scenery, passing by you. Then brush each other’s shoulders.

In the end, no one stayed for anyone. Even half a moment, it seems like a luxury.

process, how much meaning is left.

But a heartbreak.

A continuation, a few degrees of chill.

It was an indifferent place, with no visible edges and angular trees. I swooped into a quiet dream. Autumn has not yet arrived, but summer is far away.

The left ear rambles with love, the right ear sighs slightly. I wrote on the ground with my fingers, instantly covered with dust by the wind. Suddenly a word came to mind, full of paper vicissitudes.

I don’t remember what I have written. Only remember a face, when I saw it has been forgotten, who’s smile has been forgotten. I have forgotten so much, but the feeling is clear. Because I am deeply in love with you. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not in love with you. The reason is that the winter of that year came too much to catch people off guard.

Walk walk walk. We walk together. I walk with your shadow. You take my heart and walk in the opposite direction.

We are all left with nothingness. Everything is nothing.

The destination is not yet reached, we all have the process going on. Let’s leave together, smiling or crying, all is forgiven.

Where the heart falls, where is home. But I can’t even find the direction, so I’m destined to drift without a home.

Where is the wind taking me. I feel like I’m flying, flying over those days, flying over all the dead times, happiness and flair.

Sleep in the early morning. The sun is gloomy, like a gray muslin. Sprinkled on my body, no reflection. The window sill, the rose in the bottle cannot smell the fragrance. The street outside the window screen, not a single sound can be heard. It was as if everything had been fixed at a certain moment.

Who is singing. A ghostly whimper. La la la la, like a child’s voice. But, clearly someone is shedding tears.

That mouth shape, want to speak but can not speak.

That was the old me, the unworldly me. I couldn’t keep the time, couldn’t keep the childishness, couldn’t keep the death.

You see. Leaving, in fact, does not mean forgetting. They both, have nothing to do with each other.

I’m just too compulsive.

August is peaceful. No signs of struggle, just a calm wind.

What else is there in the distance but distance. And as far as the eye can see, there is nothing but white. I imagined that if I stood at the end of the world, I would not look so small.

Here, this is where I stay. I can’t promise if I will stay here forever, only to say that this moment stays.

Who, then, is here alone and gloomy. In this vast world, we are all small and insignificant.

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