The image of a country’s prime minister

There is always a cry that brings tears to our eyes.

I always wanted to see the Prime Minister smile once, I wanted to see the human side of a Republican Prime Minister, but I never saw him smile on TV, and this time I saw him in tears.

I have always refused to be touched. At the beginning of the ice and snow difficulties, he went to Jiangnan within eight days three, I was not moved, that is the duty. He got into the sleeper bus to greet passengers, I was not touched, that no safety risks. The Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan, in the plane to the disaster area, in the temporary tent, he spoke, I was not moved, this is a country’s Prime Minister should do.

I’ll just say this, the people are raising you, you’re on your own. When he said this to the officers and soldiers, I was not moved. A republican premier should have such boldness and perseverance.

Thousands of ways to go in, a second earlier to go in may save a person. When he said this to the officers and soldiers, I was not moved. A republican premier should have such a people’s sentiment.

Raise the unyielding backbone, the seven words he wrote on a blackboard in the earthquake-stricken area of Pu’er, Yunnan, last year. Now, he bows to the remains of the victims.

I could see that his spine was a little worse for wear.

He pined away.

He wasted away.

He is an old man of almost seventy years old.

Who of us would like to see an old man, as old as his father, appear at this time of the year where aftershocks continue to occur.

He said to the people of Dujiangyan, it is raining and cold, everyone has to suffer, but hang in there, after a while the situation will improve, and everyone can go home.

The rain drenched his hair.

The rain drenched his clothes.

At this time, I was moved.

The Party said that everything is done in the interest of the people, as the starting point and the landing point, and now, he stepped on the mud and went up to the rubble pile. The Prime Minister of the Republic is now landing on the rubble.

He fell down.

A live broadcast journalist network said that if you saw the old man now, you would immediately cry.

His arm was injured.

He pushed the doctor’s hand away

He choked up. Tears flowed out of his eyes.

He was in tears when he saw that emergency personnel were rescuing two children trapped under the rubble. He said, “I am Grandpa Wen Jiabao, the children must hold on, they will be saved.

I saw his patience, I saw his compassion, I saw his affection, the flesh-and-blood truth of a son of a republic for his people. The people called him Sr. It was the respect he deserved, it was the glory he deserved.

There is always a cry that brings tears to our eyes.

Everything is thought of the people, everything is for the people, and everything works for the benefit of the people. That’s what he said. And that’s what he’s doing. The Prime Minister does not cry. Your people be your unyielding backbone, and we will carry the great disasters of the sky together.

Heavenly change is not enough to fear.

If there is love in heaven, God bless China.

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