Fantasy (II)

A glimmer of light crossed in front of his eyes, leaping out of a line of starlight, slowly burning, did not think it was a miracle, after all, very weak, burning no momentum. The fire slowly dried up, producing a little insignificant light and heat after the inevitable destruction. –And what use can this little light and heat be? Can it shine for a thousand miles? Can it warm the earth? No, not at all! A little bit of dull and pitiful starfire!

The star fire finally disappeared before my eyes, and the remaining bit of ashes drifted in the remnant wind.

It was dark again, terribly dark! There was nothing to indicate the slightest peace and comfort!

I thought of the fire, if it was burning how good it would be, at least it would still give me a glimmer of hope.

I was in the darkness, searching for a miracle with my horrible eyes. I touched the ashes that still had the fragrance of fire, and helplessly picked up a pinch and smelled it with my heart – a faint fragrance of hope! A little comfort, but I did not find the fire of hope that I longed for to dispel the darkness! The surroundings were dark, and so were my deep eyes. Fear struck me again, and I sat down on the floor, not knowing how to face it!

I really regret letting the only fire be disillusioned, if the fire had been continued, at least there was a sharp blade to pierce the darkness and expel the darkness unbridled! The silence in the darkness, only the sound of my rapid breathing and heartbeat in the last resistance!

Slowly waiting for a starburst, for a miracle, for hope!

I was tired and discouraged, lying helplessly on the ground …… I slowly closed my eyes, ready to succumb to the darkness, to submit to the darkness, to let the terrible darkness to devour my soul!

As if in a dream, I seemed to see a little shimmering light shining, I struggled to open my eyes, I began to rejoice, – I really saw the long-awaited glow, it fluttered in the dark, I could not wait to chase, despite the darkness of the traps, countless times after the fall and roll, I caught it –A firefly. I put it in the palm of my hand like a treasure, afraid that if I was not careful this glowing fire would disappear in front of my eyes again!

I will not repeat the same mistakes, and I will not let the light of hope fail me again, but carefully care for it and let it shine its own light, which will let me experience that despair can not stop hope. I no longer feel how aggressive the darkness is. A little shimmer of light will guide my other self!

I hold aloft the only light in the darkness, smiling towards the place where the sun rises, waiting for the moment when the light shines brightly!

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