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Accept (accept) that there is no perfect person in the world, remember, you love him/her you have to accept everything about him/her even his / her flaws.

Belief (trust) does not trust each other, often with a suspicious tone interrogation each other, this mutual suspicion of love will only break up the end.

Care (care) the degree of care just show how much you value her, or a phone call to her care greeting: “work hard?” Or send her a text message: “Don’t forget to add clothes when the weather gets cold.” These concerns may not have practical use but at least can lead each other warm in the heart, if there are love letters of course more ok.

Digest (understand) we are not saints, there are always emotional ups and downs, if the other party is “convex” when, why do not you do “concave” down to tolerate him / her, comfort him / her?

Enjoy (appreciate) you should appreciate everything about each other, appreciate this love to bring you happiness / happiness, so you will love more enjoyable, do not just know how to complain in the eggs to pick bones.

Freedom (freedom) even though married should give each other due freedom and the right to keep secrets, your significant other is not your lifelong slave, do not let her think that being married to you is the same as being trapped in a cage.

Give (give) love such a thing is not necessarily you pay will take back, but do not pay will certainly not gain, for your lover should be as to your own, unreservedly give this is true love.

Heart (heart) love is the most important prop is the heart, you must sincerely treat the heart to love, no heart and how can be called sincere love?

Independence (independence) sweet talkers will say: “I was born for you.” In fact, each person has its own meaning of existence, should not be too much since the other side to become each other’s heavy burden or even burden.

Jealousy (jealousy) appropriate jealousy, jealousy can show your attention to the other party, but remember to be reasonable jealousy, on the contrary, unreasonable and furious jealousy will cause resentment.

Kiss (kiss) a kiss is better than a thousand words, a gentle kiss can represent you cherish her love and care for him / her, so please do not begrudge your red lips.

Love (love) is said to be love without love and how can there be love? Love is different from like, love a person you must be willing to do anything for him / her this is the highest level, leisure time with each other may say: “I love you.” Guarantee than any gift to the happy sweet.

Mature (mature) why the average person’s first love always fails miserably without a sound, because young people are in love with the more childish, and no one likes each other all year round headless bouncing, mature a little your love will be a little early until the blossom.

Nature (natural) many people first dating will be all their shortcomings are hidden into another person, days long before a bucket of shortcomings to appear so that the other party to eat, in fact, do not make a flow of natural love is the long flow of water.

Observe (Observe) often carefully observe the preferences of the lovers can not only better understand each other can give him / her a surprise, that the heart will certainly be more precious than the gift.

Protect (protect) to do boyfriend of course to protect his girlfriend, but also to do girlfriend to protect each other’s dignity, should not allow others to vilify and insult your significant other.

Quarter (forgiveness) Forgiveness is the basic key. Forgive your beloved partner for his/her mistakes with generosity, because you are the one who loves him/her the most.

Receive (receive) for the love of your partner to do for you, please do not show indifference to make him / her discouraged, he / she pay you should be appreciative attitude to accept this can make the relationship further.

Share (share) If you love him/her, you must be able to share his/her joy and sorrow, which is the simplest responsibility as a partner.

Tender (gentle) songs are sung, lovers of course, to tender love, because men and women lack of tenderness are not lovely.

Understand (understand) do not understand each other’s ideas you will always be alone and dumb, that is a lack of communication love, more in each other’s shoes will be more understanding of your significant other.

Veracity (honesty) love, must be a hundred times honest, you do not want your other half is a “liar” it often cheat each other’s feelings.

Wait (wait) and so on, is the basic element to maintain a relationship, the most important thing is that you have to synchronize with him / her to grow, synchronize to go through this life, never a first to leave behind another in the latter.

X (multiplication symbol) to your love for him / her every day to multiply up, love naturally becomes infinite, love can not go away.

Yearn (miss) work or when not together may miss each other more, or call or page him / her occasionally to say: “I miss you.” Will be able to make each other sweet in the heart to work more vigorously.

Zero (starting point) whether married or not no matter how unswerving you think your love has been, don’t forget to always treat each other with the same mood you had when you started loving each other, don’t let the years put dust on love, just love each other sincerely.

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